July 2011

Paris 22 July - 25 July

So we wake up nice and early at 5am for the tour. We jump on the coach and off we go, for the drive down to Dover. After going through a little customs office we drive on to the ferry and set off for France. Below is a nice pic of Dover's famous white cliffs.



Paris Paris

London 19 July - 21 July 2011


We landed in London after a crazy 25 hour flight. Worst flight ever, sat around in Bangkok airport for 4 hours until 1am doing nothing. We have two nights until the Contiki Tour starts, but I'm super jet lagged so just sleep the first day and night away. The next day we went to the city centre and did some of the tourist stuff.
First stop was Buckingham Palace. We didn't have any plan for the day so what made us decide to go to Buckingham Palace first, I don't know. We got there at about 11am to find a parade going on. "What a treat!" we thought.


United Kingdom