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Antigua, Guatemala – 2 May – 3 May 2012

July 14, 2012Guatemala

We bussed it from Rio Dulce down through Guatemala City (not much to say, just a big dirty city) and arrived at Antigua. We were only here for one night at this stage since we were going to be going somewhere else for two days and then returning here after, but we still managed to see a fair bit.


So, Antigua was founded in the 1500’s by the Spanish, and so takes on their style of architecture. Antigua is now mainly just a tourist city, so it’s pretty much crowded with hotels, restaurants, markets, and retail stores aimed at tourists. Although it is also known as a good place to learn Spanish by immersion as there are plenty of language schools around.


Apparently the most photographed thing in Antigua is this yellow clock on the main street, so I thought I had better take a picture of it too!



A pic of the locals bothering the women on tour with whatever they’re trying to sell.



They had this building with some plastic-looking figures in it showing.. I’m not sure what. Something to do with the Spanish conquistadors that founded the city perhaps?



The area is known for its Jade, so I went into a Jade store. It’s mostly just women’s jewellery, so not very interesting for me, however I was interested in this solid jade chess set. I inquired as to the price, and they said it was US$1365, but they were willing to take it down to $1200 for me. What a bargain! Maybe next time, right?



The next day we packed our bags and headed towards our next destination which was to stay with some actual people of Mayan descent. Pretty exciting! Apparently it was a good idea to buy something for a gift to our host families. Something like oil, sugar, honey, live chickens, that kind of thing. So we went to a town called Chichicastenango which is mostly just a massive market where you can buy all sorts of crazy things, but mostly hand-made dresses and rugs. Here’s us buying some chickens! :D




Our tour guide with his chicken, next to a truck for a company that is the equivalent of KFC in Guatemala.



Saw some interesting art on the side of a church…



So with our new purchases we carried on to San Jorge where we were to be staying for the next two nights. Stay tuned!



Written by Mark G