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Antigua, Guatemala – 5 May 2012 – 7 May 2012

July 21, 2012Guatemala

We headed back to Antigua for a second time. This was due to three reasons. First because we only spent one night there previously and there was more to see and do. Second because it was on the way to the next stop – Copan, and so convenient. And third, and the saddest reason, because a leg of the tour was finished and so some people were leaving the group as they had decided not to continue and do the next two week leg. So we said goodbye to two of the girls, and said hello to three new girls that joined.


I decided that I needed to get up close and personal with a volcano, so booked a morning trip out to Pacaya Volcano, near Guatemala City. Interestingly, this volcano last erupted in 2010, raining down ash on the nearby towns and cities. We woke up at the crack of dawn, so that we could do the volcano climb before it got too hot. They had recommended that we wear long trousers because if you stumble or trip, you can easily give yourself a nasty scrape on the volcanic rocks. It took us about two hours to climb up, a pretty difficult climb with a mud track to start off with and then turning into just volcanic ash, pictured below.



There were cracks in the surface along the way, one big enough for our tour guide to climb into. I put my hand in, it was like an oven in there.



Me with the volcano!



When we got to our highest point that we were going to climb, we found some more cracks and the tour guide had brought along some marshmallows to roast!






We didn’t get to the top, not really a good idea considering it would have taken a further few hours in the heat, and then I think that breathing in volcanic gases probably isn’t a good idea? I was quite happy to head down anyway, phew – tiring!


That was pretty much it for Antigua, except for a little get-together farewell thing. Memorable because it was my birthday in about 20 days’ time and the group wanted a reason to buy a big chocolate cake and eat it :)



Written by Mark G