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Athens, Greece - 7 August - 8 August 2011

August 30, 2011Greece

So after boarding the overnight ferry we pretty much just relaxed, played some cards, had a beer, and went to bed early. The next day we touched down on the west side of Greece and made our way across to Athens. We stopped on the way at the Corinth Canal which connects the sea on the left and right side of Greece and is used for shipping as it cuts down travel time a lot.


Corinth canal 

When we arrived in Athens I was surprised by a couple of things. Number one, the city is so old! I can't really describe it, and a picture wouldn't do it justice. Secondly, the people there are... interesting. They all have black hair and dark complexions, and have a way of not making you feel safe when you walk down the street. Seriously, I wouldn't want to be outside after dark by myself. Anyway, before getting to our hotel we did a little touristy stuff like going up to the impressive Acropolis!



We saw the Parthenon, but couldn't really get a good picture as it was under restoration.



Here's Athens looking out from the Acropolis.



We then did a little bus tour of the city and were taken to the little stadium where the 1896 Olympic games were held.

old olympic stadium


After checking into the hotel we caught the metro to where we were having dinner. I must say it was by far the cleanest metro I have been on, and I've been on the tube in London.



The area where we were eating was a touristy area with lots of good looking restaurants and good views of the lit-up Acropolis which was only a short walk up the hill. When we got to the restaurant there was a Greek band playing Greek music with a couple of men and women doing some cool dancing. Everyone got into it and there was lots of clapping and cheering and shouting the word “Roppa!” which is probably the Greek equivalent of the Spanish “Ole!”. The food was amazing! I haven't ever had a full on authentic Greek meal before, and it was really good. There were 3 courses, the first was a tapas style thing where they set out plates of delicious things like deep fried zucchini, tatziki, beef and chicken souvlaki, a great greek salad with feta, fava which is like a bean puree, and other such deliciousness. The next course was just peas, potatoes, rice, and meat, so not as interesting but still good. And finally for desert there was ice cream cake.

Greek food


We had to get up at 5am the next day to catch the ferry to Mykonos so most people went back to the hotel and straight to bed. There were some shenanigans that night, one guy on tour is a sleep talker and sleep walker, and he jumped on another guy in the night shouting “I'll save you Michelle!”. Hilarity ensued when noone knew what was going on, but there were no injuries so all was good. Something similar happened to me with that guy a couple weeks later in Croatia, he sat bolt upright in bed and said the same thing and then went back to sleep. Anyway, stay tuned for the next installment of this crazy tour!

Written by Mark G