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Cork, Ireland – 10 September – 14 September 2011

November 14, 2011Ireland

I wanted to stay another few days in Dublin, but we had already told some friends of ours in Cork that we were going to stay with them the next night. And so we did – caught a bus the next day down to Mallow, Cork (pretty much a whole day travelling). We stayed there for a couple days with some old family friends of Brett’s, and discovered what Irish people were like. What are they like then? Well when they’re not drunk, they’re pretty normal – much like Australians. But with each drink they start talking faster and faster, until I could barely understand every 5th word that they said. Brett and I would just laugh at them having a conversation about who knows what, they could have been speaking Irish and I wouldn’t have known the difference.


A side note about Irish culture, they really do live up to their drinking stereotype. All the kids start drinking pretty much from when they turn 13 or 14, and most of them get fake passports so they can get into clubs when they are 16 or 17. Passports are the main valid ID there, but for some stupid reason the photos are not in colour which makes them that much easier to make a fake.


Anyway, after relaxing in Mallow we headed back into Cork and met up with old family friends of mine – the Spiveys. They moved from Zimbabwe back in 2001, and I hadn’t seen them since then. They very kindly let us stay with them – it was great! Kim showed us around town, and we went out with her and her girlfriends one night. One of her friends – Debbie – was hilarious. You could tell her almost anything and she would believe it. Apparently, Kim once had a glass jar with leaves in it and made Debbie believe there was a fairy hiding in the leaves. Brett and I managed to make her believe that every Wednesday is Satan Day in Australia, and we have to do Satanic worshipping that day. Good times.


We did manage to go to the Blarney Castle! It was really cool, I was very impressed.



Brett and I kissed the Blarney Stone.



Here’s a view from the top of the castle.



Kim, Brett and I on top of the castle.



Now I promised Kim that I would write about her amazing dog – Pringle. She really is the absolute cutest, most adorable, best behaved, smartest, cheekiest, naughtiest dog that I’ve ever come across. Now I’m not much of a dog lover, but if I was going to have a dog it would be a retriever exactly like Pringle!



Those of you who know Brett know that he… doesn’t really like dogs. Well Pringle was the exception, Brett said that Pringle was “alright”.


Written by Mark G