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Edinburgh, Scotland – 3 September – 5 September 2011

October 10, 2011United Kingdom

We drove up into Scotland to Edinburgh (pronounced Edinbruh). My first impression of Edinburgh was COOOOL!!!!!!!!!!! I love it!






Bagpipe guy ;)



High street.



Our first night in Edinburgh we decided that the best way to experience the culture was to have a drink, and so we joined a pub crawl. It turned out to be a really good pub crawl, probably the best I've been on. The next day was spent recovering while still trying to see a bit of Edinburgh, but we didn't do anything too adventurous. That night there happened to be their annual fireworks by orchestra which is a firework show that goes in time with a live orchestra playing in the park you saw in the photos above. We walked up to Saxon's Hill which was a popular choice to watch them. There was an old man who brought his radio and tuned into the orchestra. It was really cool! And really romantic too.. pity all I had was Brett..


This is a photo from the hill looking out over Edinburgh.



We didn't have time in our first stop in Edinburgh to climb that hill in the picture, but we did do it a couple weeks later when we returned. That's right, we returned here because there was so much stuff we didn't get to see and do in the two days we set ourselves. Why two days you ask? Well because we still had the rental car and it would be good to see a bit of Scotland with it.


Written by Mark G