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Killarney, Gallway, Dublin, Edinburgh - 14 September - 20 September 2011

December 02, 2011Ireland

We headed up to a tourist town called Killarney which is famous for The Ring of Kerry which is basically a really cool scenic road around a lake. Here we see a view from afar.

Watch out for them leprechauns!
The next day we caught the bus again to a city called Gallway, which is pretty interesting. We went to the museum and learned about the history - it was a town with a cool town wall and rivers all the way round so it was always well defended. We wanted to go to the cliffs of Moher but on the two days we were in Gallway the weather was so bad - hard rain and low clouds - that we decided against it since we probably wouldn't see a thing. 
The next day we headed back to Dublin and checked back into our hostel we stayed at previously. It was good! We had arrived at about 4pm so still had time to go to the famous Guinness brewery. It was really cool, not only did I learn how to make Guiness, but we went to the sky bar at the top of the brewery and sunk a couple pints while having a 360 degree view of Dublin and the nearby mountains where the very water they use in the beer comes from.
We also ran into one of our mates from our Contiki trip - Paul Conti! We also met an aussie called Lauren Smith - I mention her because about two months later we ended up staying at the same hostel in London for about a month! Small world.
Ireland was quite enjoyable - I'm definitely glad I made the trip. But we had to get a move on and catch a flight back to Edinburgh so that we could get to Oktoberfest Munich!
We loved Edinburgh so much when we were there before, that we decided we needed to stay there a couple more days and see what we had missed out on. First thing was to go back to our same old hostel (stick with what you know, right?) and then instead of doing some crazy pub crawl like last time (and besides we were recovering from drinking a few too many Guinness the previous night), we went on a GHOST TOUR!
It was actually really exciting, not for kids at all. For those that don't know part of Edinburgh is built on a hill where they dug underground and made some tunnels and rooms. These were designed for the labourers like the carpenters and cobblers to go and do their stuff unseen by the public. But they soon turned into literally a den for thieves and so were shut down and blocked up in the 1800's. About a hundred years later they decided to open some of them up again for tourists doing the ghost tours. We learned lots of things about crazy murders, good spirits and bad spirits, and it was all really fun. 
The next day we took a hike up the saddle mountain. Nice views, and plenty of excercise!!

Written by Mark G