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La Fortuna, Costa Rica - 19 May - 21 May 2012

August 15, 2012Costa Rica

We drove down to the bottom of Monteverde and took a ferry across a little lake to another main road, and then bussed it to nearby La Fortuna.



La Fortuna is known for its volcano - Arenal Volcano - and great activities similar to that you can find in Montverde, but different enough to make seeing both a treat. They also offer white water rafting, but I didn't go as they were apparently having a bit of a dry spell and the rapids wouldn't be that good.

Our first afternoon there we were greeted with a torrential downpour, so I didn’t do too much – just chilled at bars and restaurants. The next day we went a ways up the volcano to a really cool waterfall.



Down river was a nice swimming spot, with sizeable fish swimming around. Where’s my fishing rod when I need it?



I also climbed down into the water around the waterfall. There was a park ranger nearby who said I couldn’t go directly under it, but I could go near it if I liked. I’m sure it wouldn’t be a good idea to go directly under it, with so much water coming down you’d probably not have a very good time.



So all this was cold spring water, and we decided it was time for some nice hot spring water. We took a bus to a spot that is only really known and used by locals. We even had to hop a fence to get to it. Usually you would go to some kind of “resort” which has access to the hot spring, but I didn’t feel like forking out the $$ to do it, and free is always better anyway. Here’s the hot spring.



Having a good time in the hot water.



And the volcano itself.



And so that was La Fortuna. The next day we cruised down to San Jose which is the capital city of Costa Rica. Can’t really say much about the place, it’s more of just a travel hub than anything else if you ask me. So really, that was the end of the Intrepid tour! I made plenty of good friends on it, and had some great times. Central America was fantastic, and I really need to go back and do some more exploring and most especially some more diving in Honduras :)



Written by Mark G