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London 19 July - 21 July 2011

July 28, 2011United Kingdom


We landed in London after a crazy 25 hour flight. Worst flight ever, sat around in Bangkok airport for 4 hours until 1am doing nothing. We have two nights until the Contiki Tour starts, but I'm super jet lagged so just sleep the first day and night away. The next day we went to the city centre and did some of the tourist stuff.First stop was Buckingham Palace. We didn't have any plan for the day so what made us decide to go to Buckingham Palace first, I don't know. We got there at about 11am to find a parade going on. "What a treat!" we thought.

Little did we know that apparently it's called "The changing of the guard" and they do it every single day. So not much of a treat then! I did enjoy watching the view through someone else's iPad though.



After this we walked around, saw the Eye but didn't bother going on it (it doesn't look any different than Brisbane's to be frank). Waterloo train station was quite interesting - mostly because we caught the Tube there and kind of popped out to find this crazy major train station. A nice surprise.

We were staying in a little touristy area called Russell Square and it was okay but like I said, too touristy. When we return to London after the trip we will try find somewhere a little more normal.

After a long day of walking around, we had an early night because tomorrow the Contiki Tour starts! 6am, bright and early ready to board the coach and set off for Paris!

Written by Mark G