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Miami Beach – 12 – 17 April 2012

May 20, 2012United States

I stayed at the International Hostel at Miami South Beach, and really enjoyed it. I was recommended the hostel by some people I met in New York, they said that it was cheap ($15 a night J) and provided 3 square meals a day included in the price. I never actually woke up in time for breakfast though, but the other meals were great. It was a party hostel which means that they cater for the younger crowd and organise parties every single night of the week. I was happy for that since I was in a partying mood, and in Miami South Beach after all, so I enjoyed it.


My week consisted mainly of sleeping in late, hitting the beach in the afternoon, then having a few drinks and socialising with the other hostellers. Here’s the beach a short walk from the hostel.



And the main street.



One interesting thing I did do, was go out into the everglades for a morning and see the gator park. It turned out to be a really cheap thing for me to do, since a rich Australian guy had hired a convertible and just invited a few people do go with him. So 4 of us hopped into the car and off we zoomed.



We arrived at the gator park and booked ourselves onto the next airboat tour.



Yay airboat!!



Saw a few gators.



The airboat was really cool, it could go really fast and would literally drift around the bends, going pretty much sideways. Interestingly the Everglades is very shallow, not getting much below a couple feet deep. It’s actually a slow moving river.

After the airboat tour I caught me a gator! :P



So that was pretty much my time in Miami Beach, I recommend it for people who like Gold Coast (Australia) style places.

Written by Mark G