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Munich, Germany – 21 August – 22 August 2011

September 30, 2011Germany

Munich is a practical city, not too much touristy stuff going on except in the town centre there's a glockenspiel (clock tower), Hofbrauhaus (a famous beer centre), and a cool park with a standing wave. Of course there's the Oktoberfest which attracts many Germans, and many foreigners, but that is a story that will come later! We spent our afternoon in Munich walking around, the standing wave was created by the fast – moving river going over a suitably sized submerged object which let surfers get their boards and surf for as long as they can manage. Pretty cool!



It was a hot summer's day and it felt like the entire population of Munich was in the park in their togs sunbathing, swimming, drinking beer, and / or smoking weed.


I didn't really get a feel for the German people during our short time there, but I did get a good experience of them when I came back for Oktoberfest so I'll leave that til another time.


We had a really good night though, we went to a beer hall and were served a huge meal of pork knuckle and mashed potato. Afterward the steins of beer came out, and I could only manage two before feeling like I had drunk my fill. We then went back to the hostel we were staying at and partied at the hostel's bar until it closed.


The next day we were off to Switzerland.

Written by Mark G