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Mykonos Island, Greece – 8 August – 11 August 2011

September 12, 2011Greece

Oh what a beautiful island! I could easily live here for 6 months, or however long their summer is which is probably longer than that. It's really hot there, but you don't really feel it too much because of the literally gale-force winds that batter the island 24 hours a day. Apparently if the wind stops then everything stops because it's just too hot to do anything with temperatures above 40 degrees. We didn't have to suffer through that thank goodness! Another interesting fact about the weather on Mykonos is that it only rains about 5 days a year, so it's just clear skies and lots of sun all year round. Once every 5 years it will snow in winter. The beaches are amazing, the sand is a little coarse though, but the sea is crystal clear. I saw a group of scuba divers returning one day and they were all raving about how awesome their dive was. I was wishing I had actually got round to doing a diving course before my trip! Oh well, maybe next time right? ;)


So we arrived around lunch time after a 5 hour ferry ride from Athens, and were picked up by the resort hotel's shuttle bus. The scenery is quite different from anything I've seen before, kind of desert-island type of thing.




There is a law on Mykonos that says all buildings must be completely white except for door and window frames, and it gives the island a cool atmosphere. Historically all the buildings were whitewashed with lime which reflected the heat and sun.


Buildings on mykonos


View of town


We headed into town and were given a guided tour. The streets are all very narrow, the reason for this was that when pirates raided the towns people could easily run and hide from them.


Small streets


After the tour we went for a group dinner of some awesome greek pie and greek salad. And after that it was a pub crawl. It was fairly quiet at the pubs, with only contiki people and other tourists. Not many locals until quite late at night, but still we had a great time with the Contiki crew.


The next day was a day where we could do whatever we wanted, and so I for one took the opportunity to sleep the entire morning to catch up on all the sleep I had missed out over the last couple weeks. And the whole afternoon was spent at the pool and the beach. Here's the beach in front of where we were staying:


Our beach


And here's our hotel's pool.


The pool


That night we went to another beach on the island – Paradise Beach. We arrived at around 4pm and were surprised to find that the beach has a full on bar with DJ's and everything.


Paradise Beach


We went for a swim and then had some killer cocktails. Here's Brett and I drinking Devil's Tounges.


Devil's tounges


By about 6pm everyone was dancing on tables and having a great time.


Up on the tables


We had to leave at around 8 or 9pm (not sure why) and go back to the hotel. Everyone walked down the beach a bit to a waterfront restaurant, and I ordered a huge plate of oysters / muscles. They were divine, by far the best I have had – and I had some in Croatia a week later (Croatia is famous for its seafood). After eating we all jumped into the sea where the yachts were moored, into the clear but now quite cold water seeing as it was like 11pm.


The next day was similar to the previous – more swimming and relaxing. That night was time for a pretty cool toga party. It was pretty much just pre-drinks for the real event of the night – David Guetta. We arrived at the club at Paradise Beach at around midnight and it was amazing.


David guetta night


Plenty of people, it sounded great, I had been drinking Ouzo (I regretted that the next morning!), and the girls were just fine :) It was one of the best, if not the best night of the tour!


We danced all night until we were picked up by the shuttle bus at 6am. Everyone was pretty nackered and most people went straight to bed, some just stayed awake, because unfortunately we had to be up at 9am to catch the ferry back to mainland Greece :(


It was only thanks to the previous two days of relaxation that we survived that day. Something of note on the ferry back, it was more like a speed boat than a ferry. The other ferries we had been on were huge and slow and you could barely feel the waves, but this ferry was small and fast and really fast and you felt the waves pretty hardcore. And these are not small waves, anyone who has been in the deep seas before know how big the swells can get – like up to 10 meters high. Even I was feeling a little sea sick at the start, although that could also have been the hangover. Amazingly though nobody got sick except some other non-Contiki passengers.


So that was our amazing time at Mykonos. A great little break that signified the half way mark of the tour. Coming up next is EASTERN EUROPE THE CRAZY PLACE!

Written by Mark G