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Nicaragua – 13 May – 17 May 2012

August 10, 2012Nicaragua

We overnighted on the way from Roatan Island in Comayagua, and the next day arrived in Granada. The town has a great Spanish feel to it, with some great cafes and restaurants.



Nearby is Volcano Mombacho, which some of us took a day trip up to. It’s known for having a fantastic cloud forest, with over 700 species of plants and insects only found at that volcano. A cloud forest is pretty much a rainforest, but it’s literally in the clouds so kept very moist and mossy.



On our way up we stopped at a little coffee plantation and had some amazing coffee. Yum.



The people seperating coffee beans into different grades depending on how good the bean looks.



Up top, lots of greenery, and a cool fissure in the mountain due to earthquakes.



It’s near Lake Nicaragua, and you can see down to some small islands in the water.



I took this cool video of one of the local plants. When it’s disturbed it tries to protect itself. This is due to a large amount of leaf-cutter ants in the area.



The day after we went to Ometepe Island in Lake Nicaragua, and stayed there for two nights. The island was formed by two active volcanos fairly close to each other. I've stuck in this google maps so you can see what I'm talking about.



We stayed near the water's edge, but soon were eager to climb one of the volcanoes. Although I had by then gone up a couple of others, it's still hard work! And it was an especially hot day, and I recall being hung-over from the night before. Oh well, definitely worth it!






Some spider monkeys where hanging around. Get it. Hanging.






Cool leaf cutter ant.



Our guide taking us around the volcano said how he was near the top of the volcano when it erupted a few years back! He said he was covered head to toe in ash, but had known it was going to erupt so he had his breathing gear. Nicaragua is definitely a cool place!



Written by Mark G