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Paris 22 July - 25 July

July 31, 2011France

So we wake up nice and early at 5am for the tour. We jump on the coach and off we go, for the drive down to Dover. After going through a little customs office we drive on to the ferry and set off for France. Below is a nice pic of Dover's famous white cliffs.


Once we hit France it was a long drive down to Paris. We arrived in Paris at around 6pm. The whole of Europe this time of year has lovely long days where the sun rises at about 6am and sets at about 9pm. We jump off the bus and the first thing we did was go to a restaurant for Champagne and escargot (snails). Escargot is really nice, cooked with garlic and butter. A little rubbery, but what can you expect from snails.

We did a lap of the city in the coach and the tour manager told us all sorts of interesting things about the city. It was very overwhelming! Quite the culture shock. When we got to our hotel I was feeling a little stressed at how much there was to see and do, and we only had 2 full days to do it in.

Our first night we went to see the Eiffel tower, which was everything I imagined it would be, and more. We had the option of going up then, but I didn't since I wanted to go up during the day so I could see Paris. After the Eiffel tower we went to the red light district which is where the night life is at, and partied all night. It was pretty cool seeing the Moulin Rouge. We didn't go in since it's really expensive ($200 for the show and about $200 for drinks).

Eiffel tower

The next morning while nursing hangovers we piled into the bus and drove about an hour out of town to the palace of King Luis 8th(?) in Versailles. We went inside and it was quite something to see all the crazy paintings and every single room had an amazing painting on the ceiling. Outside the palace was the palace gardens which were huge and even more amazing than inside the castle itself.


We then went back to town and got off the coach at the top of the most busy and famous road in Paris - Le Champs de Elysses. It's the road that the Tour de France finishes at, and to our great luck we were able to see the riders come in the next day. Anyway, so this road is very posh and actually has a committee to decide which shops are allowed to be there. We spent the next few hours just walking down the road. We then got back on the bus and headed back to the hotel for dinner. After dinner we all got on the bus and went to an old church on a hill and sat on the steps and looked out over Paris while we drank beer while being entertained by buskers. We then walked down to an Auzzie pub and stayed there all night partying hard.

Champs elysses

The next day I woke up early considering I was hung over, found some tour mates in the hotel lobby, and caught the Metro (underground train) into town because I still hadn't had a chance to go up the Eiffel Tower. It was extremely busy with a super long queue, but we stuck it out and finally got to the top. There was of course a fantastic view. We went back down and bought Toulouse sausages and had Crepes for desert (yum yum). Since it was Tour de France day we went to the Champs de Elysse and they had a parade before all the riders came in. So we chilled and watched that, and then watched the riders come in, but coudn't stay long because we had to get back to the hotel because that night we were going to the Caberet which is pretty much the same thing as the Moulin Rouge. It was amazing! Half of it was pretty topless girls dancing and doing the can-can, the other half was comedy sketches and even an acrobat. Near the end they say "we need 4 volunteers to come up on stage" and they picked ME!! I nearly died. So I get up on stage and the woman says "watch me and repeat". And she does this dance, and then the four of us had to copy it. Now bear in mind that I'm up on stage in front of probably 400 people. She then says "ok now we have a competition to see who is the best!". So we each did the dance seperately and judging by the applause was the winner. I didn't win because there was a stereotypical fat black guy also there, and the croud loved him. I wasn't the worst though, one of the other guys tried to do a striptese and couldn't get his shirt off because the cuffs were too tight.

View of paris


Tour mates on the eiffel tower


Crazy shop at the champs de elysses

After the Cabaret some people went out again, but I was super tired so just went back and slept. The next morning we were up early again and jumped on the coach to head to our next destination - Le Chateau.

I was a little disappointed that there was so much I hadn't had time to do (e.g. the Louvre and Notre Dame), but I really had an amazing time in Paris and will definitely go back after the tour and do what I missed out on.


Moulin rouge

Written by Mark G