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Prague, Czech Republic - 23 September - 27 September 2011

January 09, 2012Czech Republic

We jumped on a bus from Munich and travelled straight across into the Czech Republic into the marvelous city of Prague. Now first things first when you arrive in a new town - no time to take in the sights until you have found somewhere to stay and have put down those heavy bags you are lugging around. We happened to arrive on a Friday night, and I guess I should have called Captain Hindsight because it turns out that almost every bit of accommodation in the entire city was booked out. We must have walked for around 4 hours across the city from one hostel to another looking for somewhere to stay. During our walk we managed to stumble through the red-light district, catch a cab that took us 15 minutes to go no more than a hundred metres, and walk around in circles lost because the roaming on my phone wasn't working so no Google maps. By then it was getting late - around 8pm, and we were getting a little desperate to tell you the truth, so the three of us (Brett, Karla and I) bit the bullet and blew our budget on an apartment for the night. It wasn't too bad, only about 4 times more than a hostel, and luckily they didnt have a minimum stay so we booked one night there and then another three nights at a good looking hostel nearby.

So back to Prague. This is the land of Bohemia which is famous for it's beer, and legal narcotics. Now I don't do drugs, but if I did I would probably go to Prague for a holiday because you can get almost whatever you want there legally. But the beer alone is great - the Czech Republic has the highest consumption per capita in the world. Sorry Aussies, Brits, Canadians, Americans, and South Africans, these guys know their beer! I sunk many a delightful Pilsner Urquell.
If that isn't reason enough to go to Prague then how about the city itself? The old town square is impressive - featuring a genuine gothic church on one side, a baroque church on another, and the Astronominal Clock on yet another, and also a tower which we caught an elevator to the top and were afforded panoramic views of the city.
Here we have me with my best pose with the Charles Bridge in the background. Legend has it that the bridge was built with eggs to make it stronger. Logic has it that this wouldn't have helped it at all.
Here's Karla in front of a cute little peacock.
One day we were just walking along near Prague Castle and suddenly there was an army! Noone was expecting them to come through this alley, we were pretty much the only people there.
We decided to jump on a foot-pedal boat and Brett and I took turns in relaxing in the back and watching life go by.
The nightlife in Prague was a little disappointing for me. Brett and I went on an organised pub crawl which was pretty cool - saw all sorts of Bohemian pubs, and ended up at a huge 5 storey club which wasn't very busy unfortunately. We didn't go all out though (at least I didnt) because of Oktoberfest the previous few days.
I did go to the Prague University to have a look at their technical library. It was very interesting - the ground was trippy, and the walls had hundreds of jokes all around similar to this one.
Prague was great, I had a good time there - the culture is fantastic and of course it's another place that words and pictures can't describe properly. It was the beginning of a change of pace in our travels - taking a whole 4 days to see a city. We decided to do the same thing when we went onward to Poland.

Written by Mark G