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Rio Dulce, Guatemala – 30 April – 2 May 2012

July 14, 2012Guatemala

Rio Dulce (sweet river) flows from a huge lake for some 40 or so kilometres before entering the Caribbean sea. We stayed about 20km in, in an area famous for its marinas and resorts. The place we stayed at was cool. To get around in this area you pretty much have to go by boat unless you want to be wading around in the water or bashing through the jungle.



No we didn’t stay there, but I must say that’s a pretty cool location for a backpackers! This is where we stayed.



Not bad right? It had a restaurant and bar, with these interesting shacks dotted around the place that weren’t much more than wooden structures covered by mesh to keep the mosquitos out. But still, it was exactly what I needed, somewhere I could just relax for a while, drink beer (not that I hadn’t been drinking beer, but you know..) and I actually wrote a couple blog posts while getting inspiration from looking out this very window at the antics of one of the blokes on tour.






Some of the others did things like a day cruise up and down the river, but I was too lazy to do that, although I did take a kayak out for a quick spin and did jump in the water myself. I also met some Australian woman who had been living and working at the place for about two years; apparently she came here on tour and never left. If you want a getaway, I must say this is a sweet place to do so.



Written by Mark G