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Seattle, USA - 4 June - 6 June 2012

August 30, 2012United States

I am just doing a very quick one about Seattle because I was only there a couple days and didn’t really get up to much exciting stuff. The weather was miserable when I was there, and unfortunately I heard that they only get something like 50 days a year of sunshine. The big attraction is of course the Space Needle.



I did plenty of walking around town, and saw the harbour,



quite gloomy,



but there was a little sunshine peaking out when I climbed one of the hills overlooking the city.



I went to a famous market called Pike Place Market. It was really awesome, the fresh fish and produce there was outstanding. I really wanted to buy some, but the hostel I was staying at didn’t have a kitchen so I would have nowhere to cook!






The market was really big, it had about three levels to it. There was all sorts of little shops, I found a magic shop and had some fun in there, although most of the magic tricks you don't know how they work unless you buy them and read the little booklet. 


When I arrived in Seattle I had ideas of visiting the Microsoft campus, but apparently it wasn’t worth it since it’s not touristy and is mainly just office buildings. In hindsight I should have taken a quick plane up from Seattle to see Vancouver in Canada, but I had already booked my onward flight to Washington D.C. dumbass! Oh well, I intend to do a Canada trip another time anyway.


All in all Seattle was a little disappointing for me, but I think it seemed like quite a live-able city, and all the people I met were very nice. Next up, a long flight to Washington D.C.!



Written by Mark G