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Slovenia – 15 August – 17 August 2011

September 24, 2011Slovenia

We drove for the day from Dubrovnik up towards Zadar, Croatia. We passed through Bosnia, but it was a blink and you'll miss it kind of thing – we didn't even stop there. We arrived in Zadar in the afternoon and walked around the city for a little while. It was a pretty decent city, although I was just recently spoiled by Dubrovnik, but it did have the same old feel to it that let you know there was history everywhere around you. At the edge of the city at the ocean there are tubes in the walkway where the water is underneath it, called the Sea Organ. The waves cause the water to move up and down which makes the tubes resonate creating a symphony of sound whenever you see a wave come through. Quite cool! The water was fairly warm so people were swimming.



You can see the tubes here.



There was this big compass thing showing interesting points all the way round.



The next day we set off for Slovenia to Ljubljana (pronounced Libluana) which is Slovenia's captial. Brett's hair and mine were super long so we thought it was time to get a haircut, so we set off to find a barber shop. The city is pretty cool. On the way in there were these dragons, and legend has it if you see their tail move then you are still a virgin. Amazingly enough, no-one saw their tail move.



The city was super clean with crazy rows of bins like this around. They had a different bin for pretty much everything.



We found an outdoor cafe and chilled there til dark, drinking beer and eating cheap food. Oh and also drinking cheap vodka. After that we went to an outdoor cocktail bar where pretty much most of our tour group met up and we all had two for one cocktails. Two was all that was needed as someone in our tour tipped about 80 Euro which guaranteed we would get very strong drinks.


The next day we were headed for Austria. On the way to Austria we stopped on the way at Lake Bled. It's a fairly famous lake, and there's some crazy church on an island in the middle where if you pay about $25,000 you can get married there. I had coffee and watched the ducks it was just fantastic.



Ducks and swans!


Written by Mark G