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The Rhine Valley, Germany – 24 August – 25 August 2011

September 30, 2011Germany

After Switzerland we were back into Germany travelling up toward The Netherlands. On the way we stopped in a city called Heidelburg. It was pretty cool, it's a student town since the university there is arguably the best in Germany. The main road had all sorts of interesting stores like a Christmas tree store and a Gummi-bear store. I bought some they were very gummi yummy.


We spent a night in the Rhine Valley – a more romantic part of Germany due to it being a famous wine area with a major river running through it. I didn't get any pictures on our way in, but the next morning I got these. It was a bit cold and the clouds were low, but nontheless it gives you an idea.





We were taken to a stein shop were you can buy all kinds of fancy steins. After that we went to a wine tasting place in a hardcore wine cellar deep underground. It was cool – had that musty smell. We were given five different wines to try, from dry to very sweet. I only liked the dry one myself! Although there was something to be said about their most famous wine – Ice Wine.


Ice Wine is only able to be made under plenty of strict conditions. Some of which are that the vinyard must have a temperature of below -5 degrees for 5 days in a row before the grapes can be picked. They have until the end of November to wait for this to happen, but sometimes the temperature will drop below -5 and then go back up before the 5 day mark, and if that happens they just throw away all the grapes and wait til next year. So they can only make this wine once every few years which makes it fairly rare and therefore expensive. Since the grapes are left on the vines so long (a dry wine is picked in mid September), they get extremely sweet. Also, they dry out a lot so turn into raisins. This gives the wine a very unique flavour! They were selling little bottles of the stuff for about $30, and apparently a 10 year old bottle can be auctioned for $1500.


That was my experience of the Rhine Valley, next it's time to get crazy in Amsterdam!

Written by Mark G